Ten Simple Rules系列

PLoS Computational Biology从2005年起哩哩啦啦地在Editorial里搞了个Ten Simple Rules for ...系列文章。最新的一期中总结的是Hamming(前贝尔实验室科学家)于1987年在Bell Communications Research Colloquia Series的演讲“You and your research”。总结出了十条做最出色的研究的“简单”法则

  1. Drop Modesty (别装孙子)
  2. Prepare Your Mide (时刻准备着)
  3. Age Is Important (出名要趁早)
  4. Brains Are Not Enough, You Also Need Courage (不止要艺高,还要人胆大)
  5. Make the Best of Your Working Conditions (因地制宜)
  6. Work Hard and Effectively (努力工作,事半功倍)
  7. Believe and Doubt Your Hypothesis at the Same Time (对你的假设既要坚信也要怀疑)
  8. Work on the Important Problems in Your Field (做弄潮儿)
  9. Be Committed to Your Problem (鞠躬尽瘁)
  10. Leave Your Door Open (开门办公)
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